About us

Eastern Region Green Party is one of the most successful in the UK and came within about 1% of getting it's first MEP elected at the European elections in May 2014.

From just 2 councillors in 1999, the Greens in the East have made gains at every subsequent election and now have about 30 principal authority councillors including the largest group in the UK (14) which became the official opposition on Norwich City Council in May 2008.

Eastern Region Green Party is gaining new members and has seen an increase of over 350% this year alone. It is actively involved in many campaigns, including: supporting renewable energy projects; stopping Norfolk County Council cuts to care services; bus services and improved cycle provision; renationalising the rail network - whilst campaigning against new nuclear power stations - opposing the expansion of Stansted, Luton and regional airports and objecting to incinerators.

The Greens have also been fighting excessive top down Government imposed development targets whilst at the same time working for improved social housing, led by local authorities.

Successful campaigns and Green councillor actions have included securing NHS dentistry, boosting household recycling collections, ensuring that new developments meet high sustainability standards and saving street trees from the axe. Green councillors have also been active in opposing damaging road building proposals whilst supporting better public transport and investment in cycling routes.

Given the recent "Green Surge" there has never been a better or more exciting time to get involved and join the Green Party.

Greens candidates

Green parliamentary candidates at an "away day" at Stowmarket in Suffolk