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Leave Our Kids Alone

The Green Party supports Leave Our Kids Alone, which is a campaigning group that wants an end to all advertising aimed at children of primary school age and younger.

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Saving Childhood & Families

Saving Childhood & Families

A Green approach to addressing the crisis facing children and families

The Green Party is the only political party taking our children’s rights to a childhood seriously, with a long-term vision of how to protect children and families.

>> Our Children & Families Policies
>> Read "Saving Childhood & Families" Report (PDF)

Britain isn't eating - why?

How Can We End Hunger in the East?

The Green Party has published a report on foodbanks, detailing not only why the number of people relying upon them is growing fast, but offering solutions to the problem of hunger in the east of England.

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Scroby sands offshore wind farm

Eastern Energy Revolution

Green energy will create thousands of jobs, revive our economy and regenerate our coastal towns.

Find out about the Energy Revolution here in the East:

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Eastern Transport Revolution

We have a vision for an efficient, reliable, clean and green transport system across the region.

Our plan would support local businesses, commuters, families and all travellers in the Eastern Region.


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Act on Climate Change

Last winter's flooding events revealed how vulnerable we are to changing climates. Greens believe that the Government is not doing enough to protect us from flooding, or to act on climate change.

Find out what you can do about it:

>> What can I do about flooding?

>> Read our flooding policy – 10 point flood plan

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Make Norfolk Hate Free

Eastern Region Green Party supports creating a Hate Free Norfolk. We want to stop incidents of hate experienced by people because of their race, disability, religion, gender, gender identity, age or sexual orientation or sub-culture.

Colchester to Cambridge Rail Project

Greens give full backing to this scheme from local campaigners in Haverhill and Sudbury that would reconnect those town to Cambridge by rail. Less than £50,000 is required for a feasibility study.  More ...



No to Stansted expansion 

Stop stanstead expansion imageEastern Region Green Party is encouraging as many people as possible to object to the planning applications for a second runway at Stansted Airport - which if granted would allow the airport to expand to a size larger than Heathrow is today.  More ...



Kings Lynn Without INcineration

KLWIN wants to help Norfolk County Council reduce its reliance on landfill without resorting to the more environmentally damaging and socially unacceptable option of incineration.

We support the democratically expressed wishes of West Norfolk’s residents who do not want an inferior solution imposed on their community. The local population would have to live with the consequences and therefore deserve a say in which solution is used. The impacts on environment, health, transport and the local economy make incineration unacceptable.

More Campaigns

Act on Climate Change

FloodingOur policy – 10 point flood plan

We're the only party with a long term vision. Our ten measures to improve the UK’s flood resilience will address the underlying causes of flooding.
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