Donate to the Eastern Region Green Party

The Eastern Region Green Party is working harder than ever to support local parties across the Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambs, Herts, Essex and Beds. It is important to build our vote by offering a clean, bold and truly democratic alternative at the ballot box.

Green Party activists work all year round, not just at election time. Every day, members are out on the streets, come rain or shine, delivering leaflets, talking to voters and building support by making a huge difference in local communities.

We know how to succeed, but while our determination and enthusiasm are priceless the Eastern Region Green Party relies on regular donations from members and supporters to keep building local parties, running ongoing campaigns to win more seats on more local councils:

  • £200 will pay for a local leaflet to 5000 households.
  • £50 will pay for travel expenses for volunteers to run two street stalls
  • £20 will pay for printing posters for a local election campaign
  • £5 per month, through a standing order, enables us to support growth at a grass roots level all year round, an essential task.

Whatever you can afford is valuable to us.  The Green Party is needed in the Eastern Region now more than ever before...

Other political parties and the political elite benefit from cash from big business or trade unions but our independence means we have to ask our supporters to give as much as they can.  We make sure your money goes a long way in the Eastern Region.


Every donation from £1 to £100 is useful to spread the Green Party's message. You can donate using electronic banking, by sending a cheque, or if you prefer you can request a standing order form


You can make a donation to the Eastern Green Party using the following bank details


Eastern Region Green Party

Triodos bank

Account: 20422334

Sort Code: 16-58-10



Ethical Partnership

We run a number ethical partnerships for ways to save you money and raise funds for us.