Will this government learn?

With job cuts to flood prevention and man in charge, (Environment Secretary) Owen Paterson, refusing to accept that climate change is part of the problem. Climate chaos is here to stay. 

UK’s flooding chaos - the facts:

  • We are seeing the wettest winter in nearly 250 years.
  • Most MEPs for the east of England failed to back important EU proposals on flood prevention.
  • Despite huge public support for increased funding for flooding prevention, the Coalition will make massive cuts to flood prevention – a loss of around 550 jobs.
  • The Green Party’s Caroline Lucas was shouted down in parliament when she asked David Cameron to reverse the cuts to the environment agency.
  • Politicians have been aware of this looming climate disaster for the last 10 years and done nothing.
  • More homes will be built on flood plains. 200,000 homes were built in flood-prone areas when the Coalition had been advised not to.
  • The usually overly-cautious Met Office are now saying this is due to climate change.

What can I do about it?

It's not too late to do something, but we must act now!

Your Eastern Green MEP candidate Rupert Read said:

Rupert interviewed for BBC"The only way we can stop future flooding is through action at the European level. The Coalition are just paying lip service to the chaos caused by climate change and despite making a fuss about it now, they will do nothing to stop it from happening in the future.

"We (The Green Party) have been warning of this type of climate disaster for almost a decade. It seems like David Cameron and Owen Patterson, like Cnut, have their fingers in their ears, whilst the water laps at their feet. We must tell them to act now.

“Perhaps if Conservative and UKIP MEPs were really serious about acknowledging the nature and consequent risks of manmade climate change, they might get serious about taking action to stop its effects. If I am elected in May, you can bet your bottom Euro that I'll back to the hilt EU endeavours to bring in serious flood prevention measures."

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