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The Green Party won its first County Council seat in the 5th May elections, when Andrew Boswell won 45% of the vote in Norwich's Nelson ward. This was swiftly followed by a second, when Steve Rackett elected to Hertfordshire CC. Over in Essex: Highest ever number of Essex voters go Green - Over 35,000 people support the Green Party.

[Update: 2005/05/26: Greens gain a second seat on Norfolk county council!]

Some misc results:

Fenland DC:

March East 7.9% (Christopher Bennett )

East Cambs DC:

Haddenham 7.0% (Astra Patricia Carter-Marsh)

Parliamentary Candidates

The National Mini-Manifesto is available.



  • Norwich North: Cllr. Adrian Holmes
  • Norwich South: Cllr. Adrian Ramsay


  • Central Suffolk and North Ipswich: Martin Wolfe
  • Bury St. Edmunds: Graham Manning
  • Suffolk Coastal: Paul Whitlow
  • Waveney: Graham Elliott 


  • Cambridge City: Martin Lucas-Smith
  • South Cambridgeshire: Simon Saggers


  • Basildon: Vikki Copping
  • Braintree: Cllr. James Abbott (leaflet; picture)
  • Castle Point: Irene Willis
  • Rochford and Southend East: Andrew Vaughan
  • Essex North: Chris Fox


  • Hertford and Stortford: Peter Hart
  • Watford: Cllr. Steve Rackett


  • Mid Bedfordshire: Ben Foley
  • Luton South: Marc Scheimann


County Elections

The Green Party is standing a record 233 candidates in Eastern Region for the May 5th County Council elections. In Essex, in all but 3 wards, electors will have a Green choice on their ballot papers - believed to be the first time that any party other than the "main 3" has had such coverage at any local election in the county. In many towns and cities there will be full slates of Green candidates, including Colchester, Norwich and Cambridge.

Candidate numbers by county: Beds 11, Cambs 26, Essex 67, Herts 64, Norfolk 47, Suffolk 18


Last election results 2009


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Foodbank Report

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The Green Party has published a report on foodbanks, detailing not only why the number of people relying upon them is growing fast, but offering solutions to the problem of hunger in the east of England.

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Saving Childhood & Families

Childhood imageWhat are we doing for children & families?

The Green Party is the only politcal party taking our children’s rights to a childhood seriously, with a long-term vision of how to protect children and families.

Eastern Transport Revolution

Eastern Railway imageEastern Transport Revolution
We have a vision for an efficient, reliable, clean, and green transport system across the region.
Our plan would support local businesses, commuters, families and all travellers in the Eastern Region.

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