How are Greens protecting Children and Families?

One in five mothers regularly misses meals so her children can eat and there has been a marked increase in child poverty since the Coalition government came to power.

  • We are taking children’s rights seriously.
  • We believe that families - and especially children must be protected from austerity.
  • Our radical policies (below) focus on: addressing inequality, access to free childcare for those on lower incomes and affordable childcare for those in, or wanting to return to work, plus measures to get our children away from computer screens and playing outdoors again.
  • Read the "Saving Childhood & Families" Report (PDF)
  • Rupert's article in the 'Huffington Post'

Our 10 point plan for Children & Families


Affordable Universal Childcare- Investment in more free childcare (extend free childcare to under-threes for vulnerable families and single parents.)

  1. Create a childcare system that is supply-funded and more affordable for parents: childcare should account for less than 10 per cent of a family’s disposable income
  2. More affordable childcare to parents of three-and four-year-olds and families where mothers are already in work


Greater parental leave rights: shared maternity/paternity package (one month's leave after the birth for both parents, then for a further 22 months of leave)



Creating a thriving job-sharing and part-time careers market



Protecting children's right to a childhood:

  1. Banning adverts aimed at children
  2. Investing in measures to get children away from television/computer screens and outdoors again; reconnecting children with nature
  3. Stopping the over-testing of children. Formal education must not start at age two, as proposed by the Coalition Government


Protecting Children’s Centres from Coalition cuts. They must not be closed.



Making the European Parliament take children's rights seriously and become a global 'Child Rights Champion'.



Ending the need for foodbanks by creating healthy, affordable and sustainable food supplies and addressing the cost-of-living crisis at source.



Reforming the rental sector to stop high, unaffordable rents.



Creating strong local economies: providing green jobs/ apprenticeships and a future for our children.



Ending Austerity:

  1. Ensuring that tenants who are struggling to pay council tax are not visited by bailiffs, or have to pay bailiffs fees
  2. Ending the “bedroom tax”
  3. Ending child poverty
  4. Scrapping universal credit, which will penalise childcare options for those on low incomes, and looking toward a citizen’s income scheme instead

Saving Childhood & Families Report

These recommendations come from our report on the crisis facing children and families in the UK. Read more about it here:

Read "Saving Childhood & Families" Report (PDF)



Foodbank Report

Britain isn't eating - why?How Can We End Hunger in the East?

The Green Party has published a report on foodbanks, detailing not only why the number of people relying upon them is growing fast, but offering solutions to the problem of hunger in the east of England.

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Saving Childhood & Families

Childhood imageWhat are we doing for children & families?

The Green Party is the only politcal party taking our children’s rights to a childhood seriously, with a long-term vision of how to protect children and families.

Eastern Transport Revolution

Eastern Railway imageEastern Transport Revolution
We have a vision for an efficient, reliable, clean, and green transport system across the region.
Our plan would support local businesses, commuters, families and all travellers in the Eastern Region.

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