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We asked students: "What's your 'Top 10 wish list' of things we could change for you?"

You said:

Students Top 10 wish list


SCRAP TUITION FEES - While Labour introduced tuition fees for higher education and would now reduce them to £6k per year, we believe that education is a right which should be funded through progressive taxation.



CANCEL STUDENT DEBT - That right, we will write off all your “outstanding debts” on student loans. Undergraduate tuition fees and maintenance loans, and any resulting interest would be written off.



DECENT HOMES - Student housing is often expensive and poorly maintained. We would cap rents and regulate private housing so that landlords can’t treat you unfairly.



FAIR PAY IN HIGHER EDUCATION - Everyone working in universities should receive a fair wage. The highest-paid university employees should not receive a salary more than ten times that of the lowest-paid employees.



PROTECT INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS - Universities should be hubs of multiculturalism. Greens believe that the location of someone's birth should not be a determinant of the education they receive or can afford.



CHEAP ENERGY BILLS - We would insulate homes and investment in clean, renewable energy so we have a reliable source of energy for the future.



TACKLE YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT- We would create lasting green jobs and apprenticeships for a more secure future for young people



END UNPAID INTERNSHIPS - Internships can be valuable sources of work experience, but we believe they should be paid



A LIVING WAGE- Low pay is a major issue, especially for young people. We believe that the minimum wage should be raised to £10/ hour so that every single job pays enough for somebody to live on.



BETTER TRANSPORT - We would re-nationalise rail services and create affordable public transport for all


Cost of University in the EU


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