European Elections 2019


Press Release from Eastern Green Party


 Catherine Rowett heads Green Party’s push to elect an MEP in May


Greens are the leading pro-EU party in the East


The Green Party has announced that its lead candidate for Eastern Region in the May European elections is Dr Catherine Rowett, a Norwich resident and Professor of Philosophy at the University of East Anglia.  If elected she will represent Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire in the European Parliament.

The Green Party is the East of England's leading Remain Party, while in the European Parliament the Green Party is the UK’s biggest pro-EU party. The lead candidate, Dr Catherine Rowett, is committed to making this a fairer country inside the European Union and says:

"By voting Green you will send a clear message that you want the UK to Remain in the European Union. Green MEPs make a positive difference: for urgent action on the climate emergency and a fairer economy. Vote for a positive future on 23rd May - vote Green."

Catherine is a long-term Green Party activist and was the Green Party Parliamentary candidate for South Norfolk in 2015 and 2017. She is a keen supporter of collaboration across borders.

If elected to the European Parliament, Catherine looks forward to working with UK Green MEPs, and with Green parties across Europe, to develop EU policies on agriculture, fisheries, taxation, aviation and energy that will tackle the global climate emergency, the rise of nationalism, and its underlying causes, such as inequality.

The European Elections use a fair, proportional voting system and the Greens came within 1% of winning a seat in the East last time, beating the LibDems. This time around, the Greens’ chances are even better, as the dithering by the two major parties over Brexit has fractured their vote while fears over the climate crisis have risen far higher in people's thoughts.

As Green MP Caroline Lucas has pointed out:

"Greens came close in Eastern England last time. We are the region’s strongest pro-Remain party. You can elect a Green MEP for the East this time.”


Press Release Dated 18th April 2019


Promoted by Chris Rose on behalf of the Green Party, both at The Biscuit Factory, Unit 215 J Block, 100 Clements Road, London, SE16 4DG 


First Announcement of 15th April 2019


The Eastern Region Green Party is delighted to be able to announce that a strong list of seven Green candidates have been selected by Eastern Green Party members, for the seven MEP seats here in the Eastern region.

They are, in the order they were selected:

1. Catherine Rowett, South Norfolk Green Party
2. Rupert Read, Norwich Green Party
3. Martin Schmierer, Norwich Green Party
4. Fiona Radic, Peterborough Green Party
5. Paul Jeater, Brentwood and Chelmsford Green Party
6. Pallavi Devulapalli, King's Lynn and West Norfolk Green Party
7. Jeremy Caddick, Cambridge Green Party

At the last European parliament elections in 2014, across the UK, we increased our Green MEP numbers from two to three. And we were just 1% short of getting our first Green MEP for the Eastern region.

This time around, our chances are even greater, as the dithering by the two major parties over Brexit has fractured their vote while fears over the climate crisis have risen far higher in people's thoughts.   

The Green Party's three existing MEPs - representing London, the South East and the South West - have shown integrity and consistency, as some of the very few elected representatives that are both firm on the need for radical society-changing action to tackle climate change, while ensuring workers’ rights are protected, fighting for EU nationals' right to stay in the UK and to ensure we have a People’s Vote on Theresa May’s Deal.

With Catherine Rowett in the European Parliament representing our region, we can step up our campaign for change: fighting for a fair economy, tackling corporate tax evasion and being a voice for refugees, freedom of movement and Green values.

To ensure Catherine is elected we want to deliver at least one leaflet to every household in the region.

The deposit alone in this election is £5,000 and, we’ve just learned, while Royal Mail's Freepost scheme means it will deliver one political leaflet to every household for free, the cost of printing them is £21,000.

We have just ten days to raise funds so we can stand in these elections. 

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