How Can We End Hunger in the East?

The Green Party has published a report on foodbanks, detailing not only why the number of people relying upon them is growing fast, but offering solutions to the problem of hunger in the east of England.

What can you do to help?

See a suggested Shopping list (PDF) you can buy and donate to your nearest foodbank or visit for a longer suggested donations list.

We, while saluting the dedication of those providing vital assistance at the 56 foodbanks now operating across our region, strongly believe that the use of foodbanks ought not to become an acceptable norm.

The report says foodbanks are a clear sign of growing poverty, inequality and social marginalisation in British society.

Our recommendations:

Short term:

  • Making sure emergency food aid organisations work together to be most effective
  • Ensuring that benefits are set at levels which allow people to live in dignity
  • Administering benefits better so there are not delays to payments
  • Tackling hunger in school holidays when free school meals are not available.

Short to Medium term:

  • Making work pay by ensuring the Minimum Wage is a Living Wage
  • Investing in job creation, especially for young people
  • Ensuring wage ratios (between high and low earners) are narrowed
  • Tackling the high-cost of utilities such as housing, energy, and water
  • Making allotments more available, especially to the poor; creating more edible garden schemes
  • Local authority support and Government support for Community Supported Agriculture schemes
  • Supporting organisations such as ‘Foodcycle’ and ‘social supermarkets’
  • Update the welfare system in a fair way to ensure that any inefficiencies are not used as an excuse for further attacks on the poor.

Medium to Long-term:

  • Ending the corporate stranglehold over the unsustainable ‘runaway food system’ we currently have: ; Tackling global food insecurity
  • Bring utilities such as electricity, water, and railways back into some form of public ownership
  • Reforming the ‘welfare’ system radically to provide a Citizens’ Income
  • Enabling those who wish to to live off the land, whether as smallholders or whatever; enabling a larger percentage of the population to provision themselves.

Green Party Report on Foodbanks

56 foods banks in the east - why?

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