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The Green Party also needs your financial support and you can donate using electronic banking, by sending a cheque, or if you prefer you can request a standing order form



We always welcome volunteers to help with our campaigning work. Across the region hundreds of party members and supporters actively support the Green Party in a variety of ways, including delivering leaflets in their area, helping with canvassing, doing paperwork or volunteering for specific roles such as promoting the party to the media or campaigning on particular issues.

The more people who are actively helping the party, the better we can get across our policies and the more Greens we will be able to elect to make a difference at all levels of government.

If you are interested in getting involved in any way please contact Martin Schmierer or fill in the form below.

Please itemise your skills, or we wont have anything to put on the database and your generous offer will be lost to us. The specific skills of Volunteers enable us to make progress with key aspects of the campaign.

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Helping in your local community by delivering a few leaflets or chatting with voters on the doorstep will make a real difference to getting more Greens elected.

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