Green Party backs Colchester to Cambridge rail link

6 December 2012

The Green Party in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk is adding its support to visionary rail campaigners who want to bring back a Colchester to Cambridge rail link.
Robert Lindsay, a Green Party MEP candidate for the Eastern Region, said:

“If we are ever to rebuild the regional economy we need to invest in sustainable transport such as railways, so short-sightedly cut in the Beeching era, rather than waste more billions on new roads. Haverhill badly needs decent transport links which aren’t dependent on the car.”
“Sudbury’s economy too would benefit from the extra link.”
“Investment in expanding and growing our rail network instead of building and widening roads would create just as many and probably more jobs.
“It would lessen our dependency on oil, since not only are trains more fuel efficient but electrified trains need consume no oil. It would cut carbon emissions, for the same reason. And freight trains would take many lorries off the roads.
“Much of the infrastructure, such as land, is still there from the days of Beeching cuts.”
Linda Whitebread of Cambridgeshire Green Party added:

“Anything we can do to reduce carbon emissions by getting people out of their cars should be given priority when planning infrastructure.  People enjoy travelling by train when the service is frequent and run efficiently and this line can only boost the economic well-being of Haverhill and the other stations en route. The existing road link is congested at peak times and extremely hazardous.”

The Green Party attended a recent meeting for businesses in Haverhill at which members of the Colchester to Cambridge Rail Project unveiled their plans.
Greens fully back this plan, which envisages, as a first stage, a line that would connect Haverhill with the existing Cambridge to Shelford line. The final connection from Haverhill to Sudbury would be built at a later stage.
The campaigners are seeking the money for a feasibility study to determine what engineering work would be necessary. They need less than £50,000. An insignificant amount compared to the tens of millions Suffolk County Council spends on maintaining roads every year.

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