Most East Region MEPs failed to back EU flood prevention proposals

13 February 2014

It’s been revealed that most MEPs for the east of England failed to back important EU proposals on flood prevention.

The website “Political Scrapbook” has claimed that Tories and UKIP both opposed a 2012 motion in the European Parliament designed to address the “rise in frequency and intensity of floods” with a package of measures for adaptation and mitigation. It called on the European Commission to instigate an analysis of the ways to prevent flooding in member states.

The Green/EFA voting group in Parliament backed the proposal. Rupert Read, the Green Party’s lead candidate in the east for this year’s European Elections, said:

“Perhaps if Conservative and UKIP MEPs were really serious about acknowledging the nature and consequent risks of manmade climate change, they might get serious about taking action to stop its effects. Greens do, and will. If I am elected in May, you can bet your bottom Euro that I'll back to the hilt EU endeavours to bring in serious flood prevention measures."

The analysis shows that Stuart Agnew (UKIP), David Campbell-Bannerman (Con), Andrew Duff (L-D) and Geoffrey Van Orden (Con) all voted against the motion. Vicky Ford (Con) did not vote and Robert Sturdy (Con) was absent. Only Richard Howitt (Lab) backed the motion.

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