Lord Blakenham, Jules Peck and Hugh Kerr endorse the Green Party

13 May 2014

The leader of Suffolk’s own political Party, 'Suffolk Together' political party, Hugh Kerr (former Essex/Herts MEP for Labour) and Jules Peck (New Economics Foundation) are backing Rupert Read in the Euro elections next week.

Lord Blakenham, known as Cllr Michael Blakenham on Mid Suffolk District Council, is backing the Greens’ lead candidate in the east of England, Dr Rupert Read. He said:  

“Over the past seven years the Suffolk Together Party has been working closely with the Green Party on the Mid-Suffolk District Council and as a group we now form the Council’s official Opposition. Rupert Read is an outstanding candidate for the east of England at the European level and I am giving him my whole-hearted support in the coming election.”

Michael Blakenham was chairman of the media giant Pearsons, but is also a lifelong environmentalist who has been chair of the RSPB and of Kew Gardens. He is also vice-president of the Suffolk Wildlife Trust.

Last week, a group of more than a dozen well-known people wrote to newspapers in the region endorsing Dr Read. They included Sir Jonathon Porritt, former chair of the Sustainable Development Commission, the human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell the journalist George Monbiot, the former director of Friends of the Earth, Tony Juniper and the former Labour MP Dr Ian Gibson.

They urged readers, whichever Party they normally vote for and whichever they might vote for at the General Election next year, to consider voting Green this time. That’s because the Euro elections are run on a proportional representation voting system which gives the Greens, as a smaller Party, a fairer chance of winning a seat.

Dr Read said:

“I am very grateful to be able to add the distinguished name of Michael Blakenham to the group of well-known people expressing confidence in my candidacy.

“I hope it will help me give Suffolk a voice among the Green MEPs already in Europe, who form a group larger than that to which the Conservatives or UKIP belong. Green MEPs have won tougher climate change targets and secured a Robin Hood tax on banks and a cap on bankers’ bonuses. I’d like to be able to join them to work for a reformed Europe more in touch with the interests of ordinary people in the eastern counties rather than those of the international corporate lobbyists who like things run on a politics-as-usual basis. “


Suffolk Together is a Party consisting of local people of all political persuasions, who believe that  local decisions should be made  by local people and never on party political grounds.

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