Green Party announces its candidates for the East of England's seaside towns

25 November 2014

In the last fortnight the Green Party has announced who it will be standing to become Members of Parliament for the seaside constituencies of Southend East, Southend West, Clacton and Great Yarmouth.

In Norfolk, community campaigner and local parish councillor Harry Webb will be seeking election in the Great Yarmouth constituency. Having been selected to stand in what is widely expected to be a marginal seat between Labour, the Conservatives and UKIP, Harry Webb commented:

I have experienced first-hand some of the problems, particularly with employment in the town... I would really like to see Great Yarmouth’s excellent renewable potential in the form of wind, wave and solar grabbed by both hands, invested in and developed further.”


In Essex, Chris Southall was selected to be the Green Party's candidate in Clacton. Chris Southall stood there in the recent by-election and was previously the candidate in the last general election in 2010. He stated how:

Inequality is rampant in the UK with news that the 1,000 most wealthy people own more than the poorest 40 per cent of families put together.

To remedy this,”we must confront creeping privatisation of our health service and a widespread denial of climate change - the greatest threat facing us over the coming decades”


Elsewhere in Essex, Simon Cross was chosen as the Green Party's candidate for Rochford and Southend East and Jon Fuller was selected as the candidate for the neighbouring constituency of Southend West. 

Simon Cross has been a member of the Green Party for 30 years and has been actively campaigning against the overdevelopment of Southend's seafront. He has said that:

I want my community to thrive, and am committed to maintaining a reasonable standard of living for everyone, supporting people who need assistance and securing the education, health and wellbeing of everyone.”


Jon Fuller has been associated with the campaign to stop expansion of Southend Airport and to oppose the Thames Estuary airport scheme. He said: 

"I am incredibly privileged to have been asked to stand for the Green Party and will fight a campaign on the issues the other parties are terrified of touching".


All four candidates are hoping to take advantage of the Green Party's surge in membership and its growing popularity, demonstrated by recent opinion polls, which in the last months have regularly shown the party overtake the Liberal Democrats.

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