Green Party Condemns Xenophobia in the East

29 June 2016

Earlier today Green Party councillors co-signed a letter that was subsequently sent to the local press condemning the surge in racist and xenophobic attacks in the UK, especially in Norwich:

Dear Sir or Madam,

We read with alarm about the worrying increase of hate crime and racial abuse reported to the police following EU referendum. Over a hundred such incidents have been reported since the UK voted to leave the European Union with some of the acts apparently making explicit reference to the decision to leave the EU.

This behaviour is completely unacceptable and it is the duty of politicians and the wider public to stand up and condemn these actions. They completely contradict the British attitude of tolerance that we in the Green Party are so proud to promote. As current or former councillors representing diverse communities across Norwich, we would like to reassure all residents that as elected representatives, we will do all we can to make people welcome and feel safe in this city.

Yours faithfully,

Martin, Richard, Lesley, Adrian, Ben, Andrew, Elizabeth, David, Jo and Simeon

Cllr Martin Schmierer (Green Party group leader on Norwich City Council)
Cllr Richard Bearman (Green Party group leader on Norfolk County Council)
Cllr Lesley Grahame (2015 Green Party parliamentary candidate for Norwich South)
Adrian Holmes (2015 Green Party parliamentary candidate for Norwich North)
Cllr Ben Price (Green Party councillor for Thorpe Hamlet Ward)
Cllr Andrew Boswell (Green Party councillor for Nelson Ward)
Cllr Elizabeth Morgan (Green Party councillor for Wensum Ward)
Cllr David Raby (Green Party councillor for Town Close Ward)
Cllr Jo Henderson (Green Party councillor for Thorpe Hamlet Ward)
Cllr Simeon Jackson (Green Party councillor for Mancroft Ward)

If you wish to add your name to this or report any xenophobia, please contact:

‪#‎NoToXenophobia‬ ‪#‎NoToRacism‬

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