Greens slam “reckless” fracking plan as minister overrules Lancashire decision

7 October 2016

The Green Party has responded with alarm to the Government's decision to back plans for fracking in Lancashire.

Caroline Lucas, co-leader of the Green Party and Brighton Pavilion MP, said Sajid Javid’s support for firm Cuadrilla “ignored the people of Lancashire” – including the local council who threw the plans out last year.

Ms Lucas said:

“Today’s decision shows the yawning gap between the Government’s rhetoric and the reality of their policies – and it will send a shiver down the spine of the many people up and down the country fighting fracking.

“Ministers promise to support “ordinary people” but have ignored the people of Lancashire – including local and district councillors and the overwhelming majority of local people who objected to these reckless plans. They claim to support the Paris Agreement, but are hell-bent on developing new fossil fuel projects.

“Fracking is a dirty, expensive and dangerous gamble with our environment, security and economy. We should be choosing an energy system powered by the renewable sources that we have in abundance and keep fossil fuels in the ground.”

Cllr Martin Schmierer, the Green Party’s leader on Norwich City Council, added:

“It angers me that local democracy has been overridden in favour of big business in this way.

“Although fracking is unlikely to affect the majority of the East of England for geological reasons, today’s decision sets a dangerous precedent as it is clear that the government is willing to ignore the will of local communities and councils.”

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