Greens announce Euro 2009 candidates

16 May 2007

Wednesday 16th May 2007

Eastern Region Green Party announces its 7 list candidates for the June 2009 European elections.

The Green Party in Eastern region is announcing its 7 list candidates for the European Elections which are due to be held in June 2009. The Greens already have 2 Members of the European Parliament, first elected in 1999 and re-elected in 2004, for London and South East regions.

In Eastern Region, the Greens are steadily increasing their electoral support, gaining more councillors at the recent local elections and finishing ahead of one or more of the Conservatives, Labour or Lib Dems across a number of whole towns or constituencies.

Voters have traditionally voted Green in higher numbers at the European elections than at General Elections and Greens in England are aiming to win more seats in 2009 to strengthen the already considerable Green Group in the European Parliament. The prospects for success in the European Elections are boosted by the voting system used, which although far from perfect, does deliver an element of proportionality and greater fairness.

Since the last elections in 2004, the threat of the Single Currency and further centralisation of the EU has receded whilst concerns over the environment and climate change have raced up the political agenda. This is expected to bring much more attention to Green policies and the need for international co-operation on global issues, an agenda far removed from the isolationist and single issue approach of UKIP. 

The Greens will be holding a series of events in the 6 counties of Eastern Region to boost their election campaign. The Green Party candidate list will be:

1. Councillor Rupert Read (Norwich City Councillor)

2. Peter Lynn (Colchester)

3. Councillor James Abbott (Braintree District Councillor)

4. Marc Scheimann (Luton)

5. Angela Thomson (Chelmsford)

6. Councillor Andrew Stringer (Mid-Suffolk District Councillor)

7. Amy Drayson (Ipswich)

Reserve Cyril Pohl (Hockley, Essex)

The candidates were selected by a vote of party members across Eastern Region which was conducted using a fair votes system and full postal ballot.
The voting system used for the European Elections means that the most likely candidates to be elected are from the top of the list downwards, so the no.1 on the list from each party is the most likely to become an MEP.


Notes on candidates:

1. Dr. Rupert Read is a Senior Lecturer at the University of East Anglia, Norwich. He is one of 10 Green Councillors on Norwich City Council - the largest Green group in Eastern England. Active in politics for many years, Rupert worked with the Clinton Presidential campaign whilst working on his Ph.D in the USA.  A key campaign aim is for the Greens to turn the EU into an Environmental Union.

2. Peter Lynn is a Research Professor at the University of Essex and recently secured a strong second place in Castle ward of Colchester Borough Council. Peter is expected to win a seat on the council in the near future.

3. James Abbott has been a Braintree District Councillor since 1999 and has just been re-elected with over 70% vote share. He has a degree in Astronomy and is the national party Spokesperson on Climate Change.

4. Marc Scheimann is an IT Consultant and an experienced elections campaigner. He has represented Eastern Region on the national Green Party Regional Council.

5. Angela Thompson is a Chartered Librarian and long standing party member. Angela has just been elected as a parish councillor in Chelmsford.

6. Andrew Stringer has just been re-elected as a Member of Mid-Suffolk District Council with over 70% vote share, part of a dynamic tream who helped secure an NHS dentist practice in Stowmarket.

7. Amy Drayson is a student and a member of Ipswich Green Party and has stood at local elections in the town.


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