Pledge to the European Elections Crowdfunder

15 April 2019


The Green Party is the East of England's Remain Party and the UK’s leading pro-European party in the European Parliament. 

We are launching our campaign to mobilize one of the strongest pro-European movements anywhere on the continent. The Green Party is proudly standing up for freedom of movement, for immediate effective climate action and for the rights of all Europeans to pursue peaceful and fulfilling lives.

This is our chance to tell the establishment that enough is enough. Now is the time to show the mainstream parties what kind of Britain we want to be. This isn’t just about Europe, leave or remain, this is about our country and our values. 

One of the important things you can do is sign up to our Crowdfunder and make a contribution to the Green Party Campaign in Eastern England.

Any contribution you can make will go towards the deposits for the seven Green Party candidates who will fight the election on your behalf, and for the production and distributiion of election information to households throughout the region.

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