Clean Air Day should be every day!

20 June 2019

Tacking air pollution in UK cities has been a priority of Green Party councillors, Assembly Members, MPs and MEPs for decades.

Thursday 20th June is Clean Air Day in the UK - a day which seeks to highlight the issue of air pollution.

Green Party MEP for the East, Dr Catherine Rowett said: 

"It is great to see a series of events around the region that aim to draw attention to the problem of air pollution, which costs the NHS £millions and is responsible for an estimated 40,000 premature deaths in the UK.

"I am delighted that the EU introduced legislation almost 20years ago to take action on countries where air pollution regularly reaches dangerous levels.

"Improving the health and welfare of its citizens is a core duty of any government and so it was only right that the European Commission last year took Germany, Britain, France and three other countries to the bloc's highest court for failing to comply with air quality standards.

"As an MEP I will work with my EU colleagues to improve air quality across Europe, but especially here in the UK. I look forward to a year without the need for a “Clean Air Day”; when none of our cities exceed the EU’s legal limits and our citizens can breathe clean air every day."

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