Green Party MEP to support “Streets for Life” Action in Cambridge on Saturday 6th July

5 July 2019

This Saturday (6th July), Catherine Rowett MEP, will be addressing the Streets for Life Extinction Rebellion Action in Cambridge.

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She said:

“Ensuring that our streets are safe and our air is clean are two of my key priorities as an elected representative for this region and so I am delighted to support this action.

“Almost 20years ago the EU introduced legislation to take action on countries where air pollution regularly reaches dangerous levels.

“Improving the health and welfare of its citizens is a core duty of any government and so it is a major indictment of our own government and indeed other governments around the world that last year the European Commission took Germany, Britain, France and three other countries to the bloc's highest court for failing to comply with air quality standards.

“If our leaders in Westminster won't take action to tackle this problem and indeed the even bigger problem of climate breakdown, then it is up to all citizens to do so and that's why I am delighted to support the action taken by XR in Cambridge on Saturday.

“As an MEP I will work with my EU colleagues to improve air quality across Europe, but especially here in the UK. I will also champion alternatives to the car and seek to ensure that the Eastern region gets the funding it deserves to improve public transport infrastructure.

“I am deeply concerned that so many people are trapped into car dependency especially across Cambridgeshire, because of the lack of public transport alternatives. It is a disgrace, for instance, that there are towns as large as Wisbech, with a population of 30,000, which do not have a railway station. If the government is to make tackling climate change and air pollution a real priority, then it simply has to invest far more in cleaner buses, new rail links and rolling stock for our railways and provide better walking and cycling alternatives to cars in our cities.”

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