19 May 2009

Martin Bell was a candidate at the 2004 European elections in Eastern Region and is a long standing campaigner for higher standards in public life.

Martin Bell said

"I support the pledge. I believe that especially in the present climate of public disillusionment with so many politicians, candidates for the European Parliament should sign up to this pledge or make a similar one themselves."

Speaking at the 2008 Green Party National Conference, Martin Bell said

"I think Rupert has a very good chance of being elected in 2009. I wish him every good luck."


Following the surge in support for the Greens reported in recent polls (2), Rupert Read's bid to become the first ever Green MEP for Eastern Region has received a further boost with the endorsement of high profile figures in public life.

Rupert Read's campaign has been personally backed by Craig Murray, the current Rector of the University of Dundee and a former British Ambassador.

Writing on his website Mr Murray said

"With Euro and local elections coming up, it is tempting to not vote at all. But if we give up on democracy, the alternatives will prove much worse. So please do vote - for change.

My advice is, if you can find a candidate you know to be a good man, you should vote for him regardless of party.

For example, out of the whole country, in the Euro elections I would vote for Rupert Read in the Eastern Region of England. Rupert is an honest and hard working man with a passionate concern for the environment and for the quality of life in this country. He sees the need for a society not motivated solely by greed. He is that rare thing in modern politics - somebody who wants to serve, not to rule."

Peter Tatchell, the human rights campaigner who has repeatedly attempted to make a citizen's arrest of Robert Mugabe is also supporting Read. He said

"Having campaigned for human rights for 40 years, I know it is rare to find an elected politician with vision and principles, who will stick to his beliefs, no matter what. Rupert Read is one such politician. In the European Parliament, he will be an intelligent, passionate, unshakeable defender of liberty, justice, peace and the environment. He knows a better world is possible and he will work with other Greens in Europe to achieve it. In such troubled times we need more politicians like Rupert. That's why I am supporting his campaign to be elected as a Green MEP for the East of England.'

Aubrey Meyer, the creator of 'Contraction and Convergence', the leading proposal to stop dangerous climate change, and Nobel Peace Prize nominee 2008 said of the campaign

"I support Rupert Read's campaign to become a Green MEP. He and his party project a vision of the future that gives all our children the chance they need in the difficult times that now increasingly face us all."

John Stewart, officially ‘the most influential environmental activist in Britain', top of The Independent on Sunday's Green List, 2008, said of Rupert Read

"Rupert Read would make a first-rate MEP. He has that rare mix of being a thoroughly practical politician who gets things done while retaining a vision of how to create a society that will last, a society for the future, a society that our children will be proud and happy to inherit."

Gary L. Francione, Internationally-renowned philosopher and legal activist for animals, author of ‘Animals, property and the law' and several other major works on animal rights, backed Read and said
"I have known Dr. Read for many years and I judge him to be an oustanding spokesperson for animal rights. I very much hope that Rupert Read prevails at the June 4th European Election, and becomes a Euro-MP."

Tony Juniper, former national head of Friends of the Earth joined with Sir Jonathon Porritt, Chair of the Government's Sustainable Development Commission at the Cambridge launch of the Eastern Region Euro campaign to endorse the Green Party's / Read's campaign.

Tony Juniper said

"In Eastern Region, we have an excellent Lead candidate in Rupert Read, and he has an excellent chance of being elected."

Mark Thomas, campaigning broadcaster and comedian is also backing the Green Party at the European Elections.

Endorsing Green Party Leader Caroline Lucas, Euro-MP in the South East, actress & campaigner Joanna Lumley has said

"I urge you to cast a positive vote for a better future by voting Green in the European Elections".

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