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New Green Party spokesperson adds to ‘rich tapestry of talent’

Photo Pallavi Devulapalli Health and wellbeing spokesperson

The Green Party of England and Wales has unveiled five new spokespeople for the Party, making a 14-strong speaker team who will stand alongside the party’s leadership as experts in their areas of advocacy.

The new positions include spokespeople for Transport and Healthy Streets; Peace and Global Justice; Equalities and Diversity; Housing and Communities; and Health, Social Care and Public Health.

Commenting on Dr Pallavi Devulapalli appointment, Eastern Green Party Coordinator Daniel Laycock said:

“We're delighted to welcome Dr Devulapalli as one of the new spokespeople from the East who has the knowledge and passionate and whose expertise adds to the rich tapestry of talent that makes up a strong list of spokespeople for the party.

“Following the landmark local election results in May, where Greens gained 6 seats, from both Tories and Labour, our spokespeople will play a pivotal role in reaching new voters in every corner of England and Wales. They will put forward fresh thinking and bold solutions for the problems facing society and help consolidate the party’s growing reputation as the party of social, economic and environmental justice.”

Health, Social Care and Public Health: Dr Pallavi Devulapalli (a practising GP in Norfolk) @doctorpallavi

Pallavi is an NHS GP in West Norfolk. She has been an active Green Party member for the last seven years taking on campaigning, membership and Parish Councillor roles. Pallavi has represented the Greens in both Parliamentary and European elections.

Full list of Green Party spokespeople: