About Us

The Eastern Green Party is growing fast. We now represent people in every corner of the region and on a record number of councils.

Here in the East, following the council elections in 2023, we have 131 District and County Councillors that add a much needed voice to Council chambers to address the critical issues that other parties are not even discussing.

We're working progressively on local issues; to improve the lives of every person, and to protect our environment. As part of the Green Party of England & Wales, we share a deep concern for social and environmental justice, expressed through our national policies, we believe fair is worth fighting for.

Since 1999 when we gained our first two councillors, we have seen gradual growth to the point where now in 2023 we have councillors in local authorities across the region; from Peterborough to Epping Forest and from Bedford to Suffolk Coastal. We run local Councils in Huntingdonshire and Colchester. We are the main opposition group in Mid Suffolk and Norwich, with independent councillors in Braintree, and on Suffolk County Council. In addition, our members also serve on a large number of town and parish councils helping to raise environmental concerns and improving local communities.

In May 2019 we secured our greatest victory to date in the region when Catherine Rowett was elected as the first Green Party MEP for the East of England, who has now been elected as a councillor in West Depwade.

Our councillors and local parties are currently engaged in a number of campaigns including defending the local library service and stopping airport expansion in Essex, promoting safe cycling and campaigning against Sizewell C in Suffolk and opposing further environmentally destructive road building in Norfolk.

With evidence of climate chaos all around us, and with other parties paying scant attention, there’s never been a more important time to join the Green Party.

We rely on people power rather than corporate finance in all that we do. Get involved with us today so that we can achieve so much more for the East of England.

The Green Party Political Programme sets out what Greens are in politics to do: to end the system that keeps hurting the environment and all of us who rely on it - and to build a better alternative.

This Programme isn't like other parties' manifestos, it has not been squeezed through focus groups and stripped down according to the latest polling. Instead it has been built from policies proposed and voted on by our members, looking to secure the long term future of the places and people they love.

It's a vision of a better world, and together we can deliver it.