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News from Around the Region and some National Stories featuring Co-Leader Adrian Ramsey

Co-Leader Adrian Ramsay at an action day in Eye and Yaxley

The BBC reports on a proposed wet wipes ban that is part of a broader strategy the government is calling Plan for Water, which DEFRA will launch today aimed at improving England's water quality. Co-leader Adrian Ramsay is quoted noting that the government plans "leave the water industry in private hands able to profit from failure". Sky News provides his full reaction to the plans: "After years of burying their heads, ministers have finally surfaced to tackle the scourge of sewage and pollution in our waterways and along our coasts. It's clear the Conservatives can also smell a local election in the air and are only acting in response to public pressure. The actions are too little too late, and still leave the water industry in private hands able to profit from failure." The quote is also picked up by The Independent and Wales Online.

Marine & Coastal policy

Natural Resourses and Waste Management Policy

stock Photo of Manchester bay area credit to Nathan J Hilton

The BBC also reports that Greater Manchester's 10 councils spent more than £1.1m on consultants as part of the Levelling Up Fund bidding process. Co-leader Adrian Ramsay is quoted, saying the Levelling Up scheme was not the "required solution" and was "a politically motivated tool used by the Conservatives to send money to areas where they think they have a chance of winning at the next election, instead of sending it to where it is needed most."

Economy Policy

Photo of a nuclear power plant

Adrian is also quoted in the Times (£) which reports on the idea of ‘reusing nuclear fuel for 2,300 years of zero-carbon energy.’ He says: “Nuclear energy is an expensive distraction at a time when we are seeing spiralling energy costs and concerns over energy security. The answer is staring us in the face: clean green energy from wind, waves and sun along with reducing the need for energy through insulating people's homes.”

Green Party Energy Policy

Stock photo of a classroom white board

Nearly 200,000 National Education Union members have voted by 98% to 2% to reject the government’s offer of a £1,000 one-off payment and a 4.5% pay rise next year.

Here is the link to the Green Party Education Policy which is currently being reviewed.

Photo Pallavi Devulapalli Health and wellbeing spokesperson
Health and Wellbeing Spokesperson Pallavi Devulpalli

Funding promised to develop the social care workforce in England has been halved, the government has confirmed. In 2021 the government pledged "at least" £500 million for reforms, to be spent on training places and technology over three years but that figure is now £250 million, according to the Department of Health.

Green Party Health Policy this policy is under review


Social Welfare policy

The NHS should abolish many of its national targets while shifting its focus towards preventive healthcare, according to a review by former Labour health secretary Patricia Hewitt.