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Regional conference and Leadership Question Time

10 June 2016

Green Party members to question wannabe leaders

Greens pen an open letter to express major concerns about the devolution settlement for the East

25 May 2016

Green Party county councillors in Norfolk and Suffolk pen an open letter to express major concerns about the devolution settlement for the East

Changes on Norfolk County Council

10 May 2016

Rainbow alliance of Labour, UKIP and Lib Dems failed to reach out to Green Party councillors on Norfolk County Council.

Peterborough Campaign Launch

13 April 2016

Peterborough Greens hopeful of breakthrough this May

Green Party stands in local PCC elections in East

11 April 2016

Norfolk has selected Martin Schmierer, while Suffolk has selected Terence Carter as their local candidate

Clean Up Our Seas says Green Party

05 April 2016

Greens call for action to reduce the amount of plastics in our seas after the deaths of two sperm whales in Norfolk

Greens outline concerns about new Thames Crossing

23 March 2016

Key Green Party campaigners and representatives formally submit their concerns as part of the ongoing consultation on the Thames Crossing

Government ‘devolution’ undermines local communities

15 March 2016

Rushed, secretive plans to change the way the country is governed will see less power in the hands of local people in Norfolk and Suffolk, Green councillors have argued.

Rescue plan for Hinkley Nuclear Plant could be against state aid rules

10 March 2016

Molly Scott Cato MEP: Rescue plan for Hinkley could be against state aid rules

A "people first" budget for Norfolk?

22 February 2016

Green councillors propose a "people first" budget amendment which prioritises public health and saving adult social services

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