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Clean Air Day should be every day!

20 June 2019

Greens use 'Clean Air Day' to highlight the pressing need for action to tackle air pollution in UK cities

Joint statement put out by Green MEPs on International Refugee Day

20 June 2019

Green Party MEPs outline their concerns that refugees and asylum seekers are being demonised and call for more action to stop war and hardship across the world; issues which are causing people to flee their homes.

Future EU referendum should include all!

19 June 2019

Newly elected Green Party MEP, Dr Catherine Rowett, has called for any potential People's Vote on Britain's continued membership of the EU to include EU citizens living in the UK, British citizens living in Europe and also 16 and 17s.

Heathrow decision "utterly reprehensible" says Green MEP

18 June 2019

Green Party MEP, Dr Catherine Rowett has called the government's decision to press ahead with a consultation on the expansion of Heathrow Airport "utterly reprehensible"

Greens call for "level playing field" for British farmers

14 June 2019

Newly elected MEP for the Eastern region, Dr Catherine Rowett has called for better treatment of animals in the farming sector across Europe

Greens Win First MEP for the East

26 May 2019

In the European election results announced on Sunday night, the Green Party won its first MEP seat for Eastern region, securing 202,460 votes. Catherine Rowett becomes the region's first Green MEP.

It's Now Time to Vote Green

22 May 2019

Send a clear message to remain in Europe. Back bold action on the climate emergency.

Jenny Jones and Catherine Rowett call for more investment in Bedford’s public transport

21 May 2019

Catherine Rowett, a staunch campaigner for better public transport, has said: “Bedford has suffered from decades of under investment in public transport. Better rail and bus links are not only better for Bedford people, they are essential to help us address the climate crisis.”

When Amelia Womack came to Colchester

21 May 2019

“In the local elections the Greens received our biggest ever vote share in Colchester. The people of Colchester are looking for an alternative; they do not feel that their voices are being heard. Voting for the Greens on 23rdMay is the way to send that message.”

Prominent Environmental Expert endorses Green Party candidates in Eastern Region

20 May 2019

“I am voting Green in these European Elections. I support all of the Green Party candidates and hope that both Catherine Rowett and Rupert Read are selected to represent the East of England as MEPs.” Professor Tim O’Riordan

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