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Jenny Jones and Catherine Rowett call for more investment in Bedford’s public transport

21 May 2019

Catherine Rowett, a staunch campaigner for better public transport, has said: “Bedford has suffered from decades of under investment in public transport. Better rail and bus links are not only better for Bedford people, they are essential to help us address the climate crisis.”

When Amelia Womack came to Colchester

21 May 2019

“In the local elections the Greens received our biggest ever vote share in Colchester. The people of Colchester are looking for an alternative; they do not feel that their voices are being heard. Voting for the Greens on 23rdMay is the way to send that message.”

Prominent Environmental Expert endorses Green Party candidates in Eastern Region

20 May 2019

“I am voting Green in these European Elections. I support all of the Green Party candidates and hope that both Catherine Rowett and Rupert Read are selected to represent the East of England as MEPs.” Professor Tim O’Riordan

Anni Sander, Martin Schmierer and Pallavi Devulapalli in Hitchin

“Nowhere out of reach” say Greens

20 May 2019

“The response we are getting across the region to our message of yes to Europe and no to climate change has been really positive, even in areas that the party has traditionally struggled in. It is clear that nowhere is out of reach for the Greens anymore.”

Eastern Greens set to win a seat in the European Parliament

20 May 2019

YouGov polls are now showing that Catherine Rowett stands a good chance of being elected as the first Green MEP in the Eastern Region. These latest statistically significant polls take into account regional variations and show Greens holding a winning position in the Eastern Region. Further analysis of the data indicates that many Labour voters are turning to the Greens, recognising that the Green Party can win under the fair voting system used for European parliamentary elections.

Come and help at a Green Action Day

17 May 2019

Can you join one of our action days this weekend to help with leafleting for the European election campaign? You can just turn up to any of these locations.

Ringing endorsement from Robert Macfarlane

16 May 2019

"If you want to see an end to air pollution and an end to fossil-fuel dependency; if you want to see the recovery of biodiversity and the growth of a Green New Deal; if you believe that social justice and environmental justice are closely aligned, then I'm with you. I'll be voting Green on Thursday May 23rd - join me! It's time."

Amelia Womack visits Essex and Suffolk today

14 May 2019

We welcome Amelia Womack to the Eastern Region today. She will travel with Catherine Rowett to Colchester, Ipswich and Stowmarket to meet Essex and Suffolk voters and ask them to vote Green on 23rd May.

Caroline Lucas to visit Norwich and Cambridge

12 May 2019

Come to a rally with our Green MEP candidates and Caroline Lucas on Monday 23rd May. Gentleman's Walk, Norwich, 8.30-10.00 Market Square, Cambridge, 12.30 - 14.00

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