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Green European candidates visit Hitchin

Martin, Pallavi

The Eastern Green Party's European election campaign continued last weekend, with its candidates travelling across the region for a final push for votes on the last weekend before the elections on Thursday 23rdMay. The party saw its most successful ever local election results earlier this month – including winning its first two seats in East Hertfordshire – and is confident about its prospects in the European election.

Eastern Green Party candidates, Martin Schmierer and Pallavi Devulapalli were in Hitchin town centre to speak with local residents about the forthcoming poll last Saturday from 11am-1pm.

Martin Schmierer said,

“The response we are getting across the region to our message of yes to Europe and no to climate change has been really positive, even in areas that the party has traditionally struggled in. It is clear that nowhere is out of reach for the Greens anymore.”

“People are looking for an alternative and are very much drawn to the Green Party because of our focus on social and environmental issues as well as our track record of hard work in local government.”

MEPs are elected for each of the nine English regions using a form of proportional representation, which has traditionally allowed smaller parties to get members elected. Hertfordshire is part of the Eastern region, which also contains, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire.

The Greens estimate that they need 9% of the vote across the Eastern Region to win their first MEP in the East. Last week a YouGov poll put the Green Party on 11%, ahead of the Conservatives for the first time in the Party's history.

At the last European election the Green Party achieved 8% of the vote in Eastern Region, beating the LibDems, and was just 1% short of winning a seat.