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Greens call for more investment in Bedford’s public transport

Jenny Jones and Catherine Rowett will meet newly elected Green councillors, Ben Foley and Lucy Bywater, at Bedford station at 9.30am to highlight Ben’s campaign for better rail links to the town.

Green Party Peer Jenny Jones will visit Bedford on Wednesday 22nd May, accompanied by Green Party lead candidate in the European Elections, Catherine Rowett.  The Green Party recently made spectacular gains in the local elections, winning new council seats in all six counties in the Eastern Region. They are coming to the town to meet the first two Green councillors for Bedford unitary authority who were elected earlier this month, Ben Foley and Lucy Bywater. Ben and Lucy are the first ever Green councillors on Bedford Council.

Catherine Rowett, a staunch campaigner for better public transport, has said:  “Bedford has suffered from decades of under investment in public transport.  Better rail and bus links are not only better for Bedford people, they are essential to help us address the climate crisis.”

Jenny Jones, whose title is Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb, expressed her confidence that the Green Party is on the move in the Eastern Region, and congratulated the new councillors.

She says:

“I’m delighted that voters in Bedford have recognised the tireless work that Lucy and Ben have done for their community over many years.  I believe voters also recognise that if they want tough action on the climate crisis they need to vote Green in the European elections.”

The first opinion poll that provides statistically significant figures for each region – produced by YouGov - shows that Catherine Rowett is on course to win a seat in the Eastern region for the Green Party with 10% of the vote. The Green Party fell short by only 1% last time.