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Green Party MEP says that People’s Vote should include everyone

East Green Party MEP says that People's Vote should include everyone

Newly elected Green Party MEP, Dr Catherine Rowett, has called for any potential People's Vote on Britain's continued membership of the EU to include EU citizens living in the UK, British citizens living in Europe and also 16 and 17s.

Dr Rowett explained:

"Our country, and this region, are deeply divided over Brexit. The ongoing Tory leadership charade is a parade of distractions that contributes no progress whatever to solving what needs to be solved by Halloween, if we are to avoid a catastrophic "No Deal Brexit".

"As a Green Party politician, I am committed to the need for a vote on the proposed deal, for democratic reasons.  What’s needed is a full, open, transparent vote that includes the views of everyone whose rights and citizenship are at risk.

"That means that the right to vote must be extended to the 3 million EU citizens living and working in the UK, and also to the 1.2 million UK citizens living in the EU. Furthermore it's only right that the 100,000s+ of 16 and 17 year olds, who stand to lose many opportunities and protections, should have a say about the role Britain plays with Europe over their lifetime.

"It is a fundamental principle of democracy that those who pay their taxes should have a say in what is done in their name, and that those whose lives will be affected should not be at the mercy of those who would vote to take their rights away. We must never think it is OK for just some people to be allowed to vote on things that will ruin the lives of others, their neighbours and friends. Democracy means that everyone gets to vote, and especially those who will be most badly hurt by the decision!

"As the Green Party’s regional MEP I will be campaigning for a People’s Vote on any proposed deal for leaving the EU, and by “people” I mean all the people! No one must be left voiceless in our next vote on Europe."