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🏳️‍🌈Eastern Green Party would love to hear your LGBTQIA+ stories!🌈

How has Pride month been for you?

During Pride month especially, we are inviting Green Party members to share your stories by filling in this short form on being LGBTIQA+ in the Green Party. If you choose to participate, and you’re willing and comfortable, we would propose sharing your positive stories on social media(Green Party facebook pages) to affirm and support other LGBTIQA+ members of the Green Party.

As well as being a time to celebrate and embrace the diversity in our communities, Pride month is also a time to recognise that there is still work to do on building a more inclusive society where everyone can feel free to be who they are.

This invitation is brought to you by your Eastern Green Party EDI officers, Joe(he/him) and Steph(she/her). For now, you can contact us via or