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NFU Mutual – Rural Road Safety Survey

NFU Mutual have started a joint campaign called “Code for countryside Roads” because Rural Road Safety is an important issue. Please see the paragraphs below which are taken from the webpage Rural Road Safety.

Making rural roads safer for everyone.

Our aim is to make rural roads a safer place to be for anyone who lives in, works in, or visits the countryside – from motorists, motorcyclists and agricultural vehicle drivers to horse riders, pedestrians and cyclists.

Sharing the road. Respecting others.

We’ve teamed up with The British Horse Society, British Cycling and THINK! – the UK Government’s road safety campaign – to try to reduce the risks for all rural road users.

To help road users navigate the unique hazards of rural roads, we have worked with our campaign partners and experts to produce guidance articles on rural road safety.

We are now campaigning for a Code for Countryside Roads, to bring together expert knowledge and advice to make rural roads safer for everyone.  To find out more about the Code for Countryside Roads campaign, click here.

Green Party View

Here in the Eastern Region we have a lot of rural roads our coordinator Cllr Catherine Rowett explains the Green Party vision for her ward, Waveney Valley and beyond.  Watch Catherine in the video below.

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